Bitwear is much more than clothing with simple bitcoin designs, it represents a consciousness: the consciousness of a low time preference!
The question regarding sustainability and high quality is therefore no longer a question, but a matter of course and the quality of Bitwear clothing proves it!
With conviction and passion, we created the Bitwear brand to make a statement.
Bitcoin has proven that it doesn't need quotas to be diverse.
The Bitcoin community is diverse enough and that is reflected in our designs:
From stylishly flashy, to simple or bold.
You'll find your perfect piece!

You will find it here!

If you have any questions, wishes or suggestions, take a look at our FAQ's or just send us an email.

We appreciate your support!

Our vision

Bitwear, like Bitcoin, has made it its mission to be accepted and favoured.

Bitwear is supposed to represent a consciousness.

Our offer

We offer a sustainably produced as well as high quality product and regularly deliver new creative designs.

From the packaging to the final product, Bitwear clearly stands out from previous bitcoin clothing.

Our values

We as a team of Bitwear have been Bitcoin enthusiasts for years, who also represent its philosophy.

The contact to the community is very important for us.