How was the Bitwear brand created?

Three people grew up together and one day consciously thought to ambitiously create their own future.

That's how it started...

The first steps consisted brainstorming and creating a mind map.
The thoughts were varied and some of them were too lofty. 
 It was a long process to find out in which direction we really want to go.

Two things were clear from the beginning!

No matter the outcome, we will make it happen together and Bitcoin will be a part of it.

However, life is not always about what you want, but also about what is within the realm of possibility and so the idea of creating our own brand came more and more to the fore.

We are three different personalities and each of us has different priorities.

Therefore we sometimes have to search for agreements, but this leads to the fact that we can complement and support each other optimally.

Out of many different ideas, we finally decided on the distribution of our own brand, in which we can meet our personal demands such as conviction, creativity and conscientiousness.

Without having had much experience in this field so far, we invested time and money to have our own brand registered in the official register.

When we received our trademark right it was official and the Bitwear brand was born!

Together with you, we want to grow the brand and make a mark as a Bitcoin community!

How are our clothes made?

For the production of our clothes we have chosen a reputable producer whose values are in line with our ideas.

The raw materials are grown and processed free of harmful pesticides and chemicals.
By not using chemical materials, these producers stand out from the majority of the clothing industry.

Worldwide, there are only a fraction of producers who consciously avoid such materials, thereby reducing the burden on the environment and workers.
Without exception, certified organic products are sourced for production, which are demonstrably produced under fair working conditions.

Fair working conditions are understood to mean fair wages, fixed working conditions and careful use of raw materials to avoid exploitation, child labor and serious harm to people.

For the printing process, our regional producer specializes in the processing of common and high-quality colors.
These processes give the final touch to the product, through our designs.

How is the finished package created?

Also in this process, the topic of sustainability is not neglected and therefore we have paid attention to the appropriate material for both the box and your enclosed goody.

As soon as your order reaches us, we put together your shopping cart and check the goods one more time.

We fold the package by ourselves and carefully add your order.

After that we seal the package and send it to you - where it will give you a lot of pleasure for a long time!