Why Crowdfunding?

Even though we have made every effort to distribute the Bitwear brand professionally from the very beginning, Bitwear is currently not our main activity.
Therefore, we initially offer only a limited range of available goods and are only flexible to a limited extent in terms of time, which should of course change in the long term.
Every donation helps us to provide you with a more varied offer and to get closer to the long-term goal of continuing this project with all our time.
Of course, donations are not part of our expectations here, but are an option on a voluntary basis.
We are happy about every support and invest it 100% in Bitwear!

Since the latest update to V1.8, our node unfortunately no longer connects to Tallycoin, which is why donations can currently only be made there OnChain.
For donations via Lightning, Tippin can be used as an alternative.
If anyone knows a solution to our current problem, please feel free to share it with us below this tweet.
We are grateful for any help!

Each donation will be sent directly to our fullnode, which you are welcome to connect with.

Bitwear Node URI: 03d4694e546f19afa9ddd5dfbfc45010f82c3c2ef3914db4d13042cd843fc257e7@pvsz53kceei773ewlatzj7dphtudwdv6kdldoawkfubx2nufoannldad.onion:9735