Buy Bitwear with Bitcoin!

We wouldn't be Bitwear if we didn't promote Bitcoin in what it is, among other things, a means of payment!

Unfortunately, our store provider does not currently allow Bitcoin as a means of payment, although our request in this regard has been forwarded to their development team.
Nevertheless, we would like to enable you to pay with Bitcoin!

Just write us an email with the order numbers and the sizes of your items together with the delivery address or contact us through Plebbin.
We will then take care of everything else for you and confirm your order by email!

Receive Bitcoin!

If you don't mine bitcoin or you don't get paid directly in bitcoin for your work, it's best to simply exchange euros for bitcoin.

You can use the service of Peachbitcoin for this purpose.
Peachbitcoin is a data- and user-friendly service that allows you to exchange euros for bitcoin privately!

Manage Bitcoin!

To receive and send Bitcoin you need a wallet!
You can use Muun for this purpose.
With Muun you can perform both onchain and lightning transactions very easily!

And always remember: Not your keys, not your coins!

More Bitcoinstores!

Not only our special brand clothing you can buy with Bitcoin!
There are plenty of other offers, you can find them for example on Coinpages or Btc Map.
From gastronomy to retail, everything is represented there!

And if you know or manage a Bitcoin acceptance point, which is not yet there, you help enormously, if you enter it yourself on Coinpages and Btc Map, also customers can find you easier!