Bitwear regularly puts new creative designs on the market!

We have set the standard for ourselves to only publish designs that we want to wear on our clothes.
We also want to give everyone else the opportunity to represent the Bitcoin movement authentically.
So every Pleb Reward is more than just a design you like, but also a design we personally stand behind!

You help us enormously if you give us feedback on the Pleb Rewards here!

Pleb Rewards can only be pre-ordered before their release, because this way we save resources and meet the demand of sustainability even more.
Every pre-ordered Pleb Reward is reduced in price to make the extended waiting time more comfortable for you.

The Pleb Rewards will be commissioned as soon as 21 pre-orders have been placed.
This process can be followed here.

We are grateful for your help and look forward for your feedback to help us present more designs!